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Livability Profile


As a well established and evolving community, Albany-Millersburg beautifully blends past and present in its architectural styles. The community takes great pride in preserving its natural beauty in city and county parklands and rural neighborhoods. Proximity to the Pacific Coast, the Cascade, and Coast Range mountains, and the metropolitan area of Portland make it possible for residents to enjoy a variety of pastimes. Skiing, beachcombing, bike riding, hiking, fishing and many other recreational opportunities are readily available. Activities such as collegiate and professional sporting events, theatrical and musical presentations, lectures, and art galleries can be found in town or close by year round. Several top quality libraries are available in the area.


The population within Albany-Millersburg at the time of the 2000 census was close to 42,000, and the greater Linn County area housed almost 105,000. Albany consists of 16 square miles with an urban growth boundary of 21.2 square miles, and Linn County covers an area of 2,297 square miles.


The climate is mild year-round, with low relative humidity. Average maximum temperature is 45º F January and 80ºF in July, with discernible annual seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer. While the Willamette Valley has a reputation for heavy rainfall, it rains less in Albany-Millersburg than in many US locations, including Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. Average annual rainfall is 42 inches, 72 percent of which occurs from November through March. The elevation in the valley is 210 feet, although some residential areas have an elevation ranging up to 800 feet.

Community Resources

Public Safety

The City of Albany maintains full police and professional fire staffs (Class 3/9 rating), with the City of Millersburg being protected by the Linn County Sheriff Department and split between the Albany and Jefferson Rural Fire Protection Districts (Class 5/8 rating).

Health Services

Samaritan Albany General Hospital is the acute care and health center for the area with over 100 medical staff specializing in all major medical areas. The hospital is helicopter oriented.


There are eight different banks located in Albany, with six additional branch offices; one savings and loan association; five credit unions

Albany Visitors Association 

The Albany Visitors Association helps you learn more about places to stay, eat, and visit. Also learn more about our annual events and more. 


The Albany Democrat-Herald newspaper is published daily. Albany has six local radio stations and extensive fiber optics for communication and television services.

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