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Business Services

Business Development and Management Assistance 

LEDG offers free, confidential, one-on-one business consulting.  Whether you are in need of assistance with business planning, financial management, marketing or more, we stand ready to assist. 


Property Search Assistance

LEDG maintains the area's industrial site catalog and is ready to help you find the right property for your project.


Financial Assistance

With regional, state, or federal loan programs, LEDG can help with your business financing needs. Funding assistance can be used for buildings, equipment, infrastructure, and targeted industrial applications. 

Business Incentives Assistance 

The Albany, Millersburg and Linn County region enjoys competitive business incentive programs that can help you start, locate, or expand your business. Programs range from property tax abatements, income tax abatements, tax credits, and more. 


Workforce Development/Training Assistance 

LEDG members include partners that can offer direct workforce development services.  In addition, in partnership with our local and state agencies, we can offer training opportunities through workshops and seminars. 

Competitive Business Incentives

Working with our local and state partners, we have competitive business incentives to help you locate, start, or expand your business. 

Enterprise Zone

In exchange for locating or expanding in the enterprise zone, eligible (generally non-retail) businesses receive a total exemption from the property taxes usually assessed on new investments. The standard program grants a property tax abatement for three years, but it can be extended to five years.

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Oregon Business Expansion Program

The Oregon Business Expansion Program is an incentive program available to existing companies expanding operations in Oregon or new businesses coming into the state. The program is a cash-based incentive (forgivable loan) equivalent to the estimated increased income tax revenue from the new hiring.

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Oregon Investment Advantage

This program helps businesses start or locate in Oregon by providing a multi-year, income tax deduction on new business operations. This potentially eliminates state business tax liability during an eight to nine year period after operations begin.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The WOTC is a federal tax credit designed as an incentive for businesses to hire individuals that consistently face significant barriers to employment. Participating employers are compensated through a reduced federal income tax liability.

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Small Manufacturing Business Expansion Program

As part of Oregon’s effort to support the growth of existing businesses, this program provides funding assistance in the form of forgivable loans related to expansion projects for small manufacturing businesses.

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Strategic Investment Program (SIP)

The Strategic Investment Program exempts a portion of very large capital investments from property taxes for 15 years. The program is available statewide.

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Solar Development Incentive 

The 2016 Legislature created the Solar Development Incentive (SDI) to encourage the development of solar energy projects in Oregon by providing a cash incentive per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated to owners of photovoltaic (PV) energy systems with a nameplate capacity of between 2 and 10 megawatts-alternating current output capacity (MWac). Qualified projects enrolled in the program can receive a monthly payment of $0.005 per kWh of electricity generated, for a period of five years. 

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